TD Who Has Never Lied On Register Of Dáil Interests Bullied By Other TDs


A TD has officially reported a number of colleagues for bullying, as he is subjected to sustained volleys of abuse all because he has never tried to conceal the fact he own a dozen properties, WWN has learned.

“He applies for planning permission in his own name, the fucking gobshite” jeered jocular TDs in a repetitive chant, singling out their peer for his honest and straightforward approach to being a public representative.

“They call me Ciaran One Name, because when I applied for planning permission for my house and it was rejected I didn’t apply again with a made up name or make my wife do the same,” sobbed TD Ciaran McMellan, who faced earlier isolation when TDs discovered he hadn’t failed to declare any rental properties.

Singled out for not having any direct conflicts of interests such as an undeclared directorship of an eviction security services, McMellan has never felt welcome but in recent months the bullying has gone up a level.

“Fucking claim will ye ye goodie two shoes, you not claiming makes us look bad, fucking do it,” pressured bullying TDs pushing and prodding McMellan around the back of the Dáil bike sheds this morning after learning he doesn’t claim expenses on the days he’s not carrying out official TD business.

“I thought it would be enough that I vote to defend everything our party does, even cutting 40% of Mother and Baby Home survivors out of a redress scheme, but there’s no let up,” McMellan said, as he found his car daubed in meanspirited ‘has the minimum about of integrity expected from a TD’ graffiti.