Everything You Need To Know About Holly Cairns


TAKING the reigns of the Social Democrats party, Cork TD Holly Cairns continues her rise to prominence in Irish politics.

But just what do we know about Holly Cairns? WWN reveals all there is to know:

Real name Holly Mound of Stones.

At 33 is the same age as Jesus Christ was when he entered politics.

Currently rejecting all calls from Stephen Donnelly.

A young and charismatic leader of a left-leaning party without any baggage, Sinn Féin are going to hate this.

Having initially entered politics as an activist on LGBT rights and lead the charge in the Dáil against gender-based violence, Cairns is going to have to get used to being called ‘woke’ by Sunday newspaper columnists.

Will not be taken seriously as a politician until it is revealed she failed to declare ownership of 12 bedsits.

Was an embryo during the Celtic Tiger.

Spoke passionately on the State’s failure to include 40% of Mother and Baby Home survivors in redress scheme and other stuff that just isn’t going to win votes from the self-centred Irish voting public.

Seismic tremors caused by her ascension to Social Democrats leadership has led to a 3% spike in people accidentally being led to the party’s website when searching for the Swedish Social Democratic Party on Google.

In the case of gaining more Dáil seats could replace the ‘betray all principles as a minor coalition partner and screw over voters’ void left by the Labour Party.

Won election to council by just one vote, proving how hard it is to get elected in Ireland when a direct family member isn’t a serving TD.

Family’s farming business Brown Envelope Seeds might be in need of a name change.

Has talked about the verbal abuse she receives as a female politician, and that’s just in the Dáil bar.

In a very relatable story for Irish people over a certain age Cairns went through a Fianna Fáil phase when previously dating Fianna Fáil TD Christopher O’Sullivan.

Will hope greater media exposure for party garnered by her elevation to leader will not coincide with greater scrutiny of party’s handling of allegations made against SD councillor by a young party member.

Cairns is hoping to raise the profile of the Social Democrats alongside party colleagues what’s her name, the housing fella and them other ones.