Northern Lights Leave Ireland After Being Charged Exorbitant Rents


FANS of spectacular skies have been left disappointed by the news that the Northern Lights have had to leave Ireland shortly after arriving due to a lack of accommodation at reasonable prices.

Estate agents have disputed the claims, stating €2100 for a one bed apartment in Dublin is ‘reasonable’, while insisting that Donegal has as many as 4 homes that haven’t been affected by Mica.

“We’re sad to go but also frustrated as xenophobes had assured us we’d be given free houses as soon as we came over but when we typed in our specifics to the search box just started laughing,” a disappointed Aurora confirmed.

While the phenomenon had hoped for a long term stay in Ireland, with no viable location to settle on it has had to make the most of a brief stay.

“There was an AirBnb there but they were charging us €500 a night because it had been next door to a location that was next door to a filming location for The Banshees of Inisherin. So we just hovered over the Cliffs of Moher, few beaches in Sligo, y’know, standard tourist stuff,” admitted Aurora.

Meanwhile, ‘that’s alright, we have enough’ read an official statement from Instagram as there servers struggled to cope with the number of photos being uploaded of the polar lights.