Revealed: The Difference Between Single Sex Vs Mixed Sex Schools


A NEW study has shown that there is ‘no academic advantage’ for students who attend same-sex schools over those who attend the all-out carnal free-for-all of a mixed school.

WWN have dug into this research to see if there’s any truth to it, and found the following:

– Students who willingly choose to attend same-sex schools are almost certainly gay or lesbian, according to a survey we took part in when we were 13.

– Kids are much more likely to attend a same-sex school if their parents attended a same-sex school, a decision that is usually accompanied by the phrase ‘you’re going and that’s that’.

– Both same-sex and mixed-sex schools both have a comparable number of weirdos driving slowly past every day.

– Those who attended a same sex school maintain the experience had no negative impact on them and confirm the anxiety attacks they experience as adults when trying to speak to the opposite sex are just a coincidence.

– The amount of kids that teachers ‘don’t expect much from’ is about the same throughout.

– Teen pregnancies were evident in both mixed and same-sex schools suggesting that either teenagers were finding ways to be sexually active outside school hours, or a Jurassic Park ‘life finds a way’ type of thing was going on.

– Regardless of how teenagers were getting pregnant, both mixed and same-sex schools both favour a ‘don’t mention it’ approach to sex education.

– Kids bullied by their peers in an all-boys school confirm the raw punching power of male students is tough but they are glad they are spared the psychological warfare that is an all-girls schools.

Our research concludes that no matter what school a child attends, they can achieve praiseworthy academic results if they have enough pressure constantly poured onto them by teachers and parents alike, every minute of every hour of every day from enrollment to graduation.