Ireland’s Original Spotify To Leave RTÉ 2FM After 40 Years


DAVE FANNING, Ireland’s original Spotify and Shazam facilitator in the pre-streaming age has announced he is to depart 2FM after 40 years with the station.

“Sure, these days you have curated playlists and suggested artists on various streaming service but this man was a walking, talking Discovery playlist, if it wasn’t for him I’d have Cliff Richard tattooed on my chest and not Joe Strummer,” explained one music fan who couldn’t confirm a song was good until Fanning did.

Fanning remains responsible for ‘trickle down recommendations’ which still sees siblings, friends, parents and children demand people listen to a song or band first given air time by the 2FM legend.

“I’ve informed my ears that there’s a complete pause on consuming new music until I get a hold of Dave’s next podcast or radio show,” one music lover confirmed.

Announcing his intention to pursue other projects including TV and RTÉ Gold shows as well as a podcast, Fanning was also known for being Ireland’s analogue IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

“Do you how much pressure he must have been under? One man responsible for recommending movies and music to an entire nation?” said one man whose entire rental history at Xtravision and early Limewire downloads were down to Fanning.

Fanning was once forced to deny that he got kick backs in the millions from Irish cinemas for recommending movies on the Movie Show, but admitted U2 bribed him to give their new singles their first international play.

“I made millions being bribed by those U2 clowns but at what cost to humanity?” confirmed Fanning.