American Football Game Featured During Rihanna Concert


ATTENDEES at a Rihanna concert last night were surprised to find that the pop queen’s performance was bookended by two halves of an impromptu American football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and some team from Kansas or somewhere like that.

Rihanna took to the stage during the annual American TV Commercial Showcase, and wowed fans with her first performance in seven years in a sold-out arena which almost descended into chaos when the singer left the stage after 14 minutes to allow a sporting occasion to occur.

“Why do they feel the need to oar in sports during a perfectly good music gig?” groaned one fan of the Barbadian pop sensation.

“We’re here to see Rihanna do her thing, belt out the hits and put on a show, but we had to sit through an hour or more of lads throwing a ball around, and not only that but Ri-Ri’s show was cut short so that we could have another hour or ball kicking? Somebody somewhere doesn’t understand this audience”.

The singer also announced that she was pregnant with her second child during the event, sending the internet into such a frenzy that nobody remembers the score of the football game, nor were they bothered by the fact that the US has been shooting down UFOs all weekend like it’s Independence Day.