Deathbed Sign Offs: Snappy Last Words To Say Before You Kick The Bucket


IT’S a day that will come to us all, our final day on Earth. Despite knowing it is inevitable, people today put very little thought into what their final words will be.

Well, WWN is officially trying to change that and having spoken to people working in end of life care and hospices, we have compiled some of the best, most moving final words people can share with loved ones:

“Sorry guys but you’re about to find out if dead people shitting themselves after dying is a true or a myth”

“You’re real mother is Angelina Jolie”

“The family treasure, I’ve kept it a secret until now but it’s buried in [dies]”

“Beam me up Scotty”

“Hey, cry more I was CLASS!”

“This body will self destruct in 5,4,3…”

“As you all know I’m a organ donor, it’s first come, first serve guys so just grab one of the scalpels I left on the tray over there”

“Is that you God? What? I can’t hear you, speak up? ‘Whose got two hands and is about to choke you?’ No, God, whhhhhhy”

“Honestly, this is my seventh time doing this and I’m still not used to it”

“It was Sean, Sean poisoned”

“Not to be dramatic but I don’t feel great and it wasn’t Susan’s shit cooking”

“I didn’t have a favourite child, you all disappointed me equally”

“I want it put on my death cert that my empty marriage killed me”

“My entry better be lit as fuck or else I’ll haunt you fuckers”