Up, Up, Down, Down, B, A, Start Fails To Let Man Watch Next Episode OF ‘The Last Of Us’ Any Sooner


THIS year’s must-watch TV event ‘The Last Of Us’ is being described as one of the most accurate video game adaptations ever made but to the annoyance of one Waterford man, there’s no cheat codes that let you access all levels at once.

“The old ‘Konami code’ has worked for me in games dating back some 30 years but it’s no use here,” groused Alan Waters, who is struggling with having to wait an entire week for the next level/episode.

“I tried IGN.com for guides on how to access something called ‘patience’, there were some Youtuber walk-throughs on how to stop whimpering like a sad puppy while I wait”.

Waters appealed for in-game purchases to be introduced for the show which would allow him pay extra to get his hands on the next episode.

“I wouldn’t go mad now or anything, I’d pay €750 per episode, chump change,” added Waters before running through the patience tutorial one more time.

Waters also complained that there’s no cheat code for ‘extra courage’ to help him through some of The Last Of Us’s terrifying scenes.

“I remember playing The Last Of Us and when those clicker lads showed up you could run sideways to get away from them quickly.

But when I’m watching the show, I have to just sit there and soil myself,” Waters admitted, before adding that sometimes he’ll have to ask his older brother to watch the end of an episode with him.