Fun Activities For The St. Brigid’s Bank Holiday Weekend


WONDERING how you’re going to spend the first post-pandemic St. Brigid’s Day long weekend since the inception of the new bank holiday? Wonder no longer, thanks to WWN’s Guide to making this a St. Biddies Day to remember!

1) Are you fucking kidding

It’s amazing to us that any of you think you’ve got the money to be playacting and cavorting on a long weekend that also marks your first payday since Christmas.

You only just made it through January thanks to a credit card bill the length of Stephen King novel, and you’re under the impression that you can take the family out or meet up with pals for pints? Haha! Some of you haven’t even gotten your winter energy bill through the door yet, worry about that before you start worrying about enjoying yourself.

2) Seriously though, there are free things you can do

Who knows what bright spark in the government thought that a bank holiday when people are more broke than any other time of year was a good idea, but here we are.

If you insist on doing something this weekend, then it will have to be something that costs little to nothing because not only have you no money now, economic forecasts suggest you’re going to have even less very shortly.

So take the family somewhere free, like Mass. An hour of sitting down somewhere warm, all for the cost of rattling the confession box once or twice. You thought you had shaken off the grip of the church, but all it takes is a little bit of poverty to bring you right back.

3) Take down your Christmas lights

As we’ve pointed out, you’ve got money to pray but not to pint. So just about the only thing you can do over the long weekend is housework, starting with taking down those damn Christmas lights.

Yes, you had the argument that you were busy and didn’t have time, but you do now so get to it. It’ll give you something to do while you patiently wait for work to start again on Tuesday.