Signs Your Relationship With Your Drug Dealer May Be Turning Toxic


MOST recreational drugs users in Ireland enjoy a healthy relationship with their drug dealers, but it could be important to keep an eye out for any indication it may becoming toxic.

Know the signs:

You initially bonded over movies like Pineapple Express, but now your dealer only wants to talk about Scarface, Requiem for A Dream and Wolf Of Wall Street.

You used to have to text every time you wanted something but now, they just deliver the goods daily without prior consultation.

They offer you a flat rate fee and request your IBAN for direct debit.

Insists on an itinerary of electrical items in your possession.

It’s always ‘you owe me money’ and never ‘I owe you some personal time, how have you been?’

They dedicate an entire burner, just for you.

Asks whether your partner has ever been ‘on the game’ before.

Despite being a loyal customer for years they refuse to give you the new ‘20% off first purchase’ special offer they’re running for new customers.

You couldn’t help but notice they had you down as ‘Has A Problem’ in their contacts.

As your demeanour becomes ever scruffier and more unkempt, your dealer crosses the road to avoid you.

Replies ‘you’ve bought them all’ when asked for drugs.

Doesn’t even bother to warn you about double dropping anymore.

Asks how your two children are getting on in the school your wife picks them up from at 4pm every day.

Calls you ‘ratser’.

Makes you hold the end of a measuring tape while they size up your apartment.