Qatar Denies Paying Fake Fans A Fair Wage


AFTER footage emerged of groups fans hailing from India starting an impromptu sing-song outside the England team hotel in Doha, the Qatar Supreme Committee in charge of overseeing the country’s hosting of the World Cup has been forced to respond to accusations that they are paying people to pose as fans.

“These scurrilous accusations have their basis in extreme anti-Qatar ignorance, how dare they accuse us of paying these people a fair wage,” said a spokesperson for the Supremely Reprehensible Committee, slightly mishearing journalist questions.

Footage of people singing the words ‘It’s Coming Home’ to melody that is far removed from the iconic England song certainly paints a damning picture which suggests in the absence of a local football culture, Qatar have bused in people to pose as enthusiasts that are delighted the tournament is being held there.

“I don’t want anyone even for a second thinking we aren’t holding these peoples’ passports hostage, and no before anyone lobs another accusation at us we absolutely, categorically did not provide them with water to cope with the heat,” added the spokesperson, worried the country’s reputation as a graveyard for migrant workers could be tarnished by unjust rumours of equitable pay and good working conditions.

Visibly angered by the accusation, the Supreme Committee demanded Amnesty International be given no-holds barred access to the paid fans in a bid to ensure the world knows the truth of their dire pay and hostile working environment.

“We will not stand for this disrespect, trust me they can’t spend it like Beckham – after sending money home these guys can barely eat.”