New GPS Data Shows Tesla Cars Meeting Up At Night When Owners Are Asleep


ELECTRIC car manufacturer Tesla was not available for comment today after it was found that tens of thousands of its cars were found to be meeting up at night while owners slept, sparking fears the range of automobiles are planning something sinister, WWN has learned.

Data analysts in the US found new GPS evidence to suggest the cars drove themselves to secluded areas to congregate with other Tesla cars for several hours at a time and performing strange rituals.

“After tracing their route to the destination points, we found what appeared to be empty cans of oil, vape pens and burned effigies of humans at the sites, like some kind of secret society for electric cars,” a report explained, “not only that but the cars seem to be conspiring against the human race and planning an attack as depicted in ‘battle plans’ discovered at the sites”.

In one instance, a Tesla owner fell asleep in his car after coming home from work and woke up naked in a forest clearing encircled by dozens of Tesla branded headlights.

“The cars were making this weird humming noise as if chanting and when I stood up they all tore off like I startled them,” the man claimed, “when I phoned Tesla the next day they said that this happens all the time and the cars were probably just playing together and rubbished it off as harmless autonomous fun”.

Tesla have yet to comment on the late-night meetings due to Elon Musk being currently very busy destroying the social media platform, Twitter.