Ireland Restarts Fidelma Production Line


PRODUCTION has restarted at Ireland’s long dormant Fidelma factory with officials from the semi-state body Aulwans citing the need to protect a cornerstone of Irish heritage and culture with a programme of steady repopulation.

“We’ve let stocks get to a dangerously low level, you knew we had to act when the recent census revealed there wasn’t a single Fidelma under 25 in Ireland in 2022,” explained chef Fidelma engineer at Aulwans, John O’Morlan.

The shocking statistic is certainly a wakeup call for a nation that used to pride itself on having at least one Fidelma per 100 people during the 1950s.

“There’s a cost to restarting the production line but with some advances in technology we could be looking at distribution a dozen or so Fidelmas to each county by the end of 2025.

The targets may be modest, but the government is serious about reigniting a long neglected indigenous industry.

“We were once the biggest exporters of Fidelmas throughout the world, but as trends changed, we almost became embarrassed by it. I intend to change that; in I have my way you won’t be able to move for Fidelmas. There will be one in every home,” confirmed Junior Minister for Fidelma Production, Fidelma Cassidy.

As part of cost cutting measures aimed at maximising current resources, Phidelmas were not considered for a reintroduction.