America Realising They’d Be Nearly Done With Trump If They’d Just Let Him Win Last Time


AS FORMER president Donald Trump formally announced his intentions to run again in 2024, a weary and sighing American nation is today kicking themselves for not just letting him stay put in 2020.

“He’d be nearing the end of his second term now, and that would have been that,” winced America, bracing themselves for another potential Trump win that would see him in office until 2028, “that’s nearly 6 years from now. 72 months. 312 weeks.”

“Surely we could have just sucked it up and said nothing? You’d be rid of him quick, like a Band Aid. Instead we had to be ‘a democracy’ and go with the guy we voted for. And for what? Four years of Trump bitching constantly, then another run in 2024 and it all starts again. By the time we go get rid of him, he’ll have dominated American politics for 13 years. Lord save us”.

Although many are lamenting not letting Trump have his way in 2020, others are standing by the decision to elect current president Joe Biden, stating that with Trump in office life wouldn’t be as good as it is right now.

“Without Biden, where would we be? We’d be on the edge of World War 3 with Russia, gas prices would be astronomical, women’s rights would be in the middle of being torn up, and there’d still be copious amounts of student debt,” experts stated.

“And yes, okay, all of that is still here, but Biden promised us if we keep voting for him and the rest of the Democrats, they’ll fix it all at some stage! Have faith, people!”