5 Movies Which Are Perfect To Have On In Background When You Just Want Scroll On Your Phone


ARE YOU a movie lover looking to sit down in front of the TV with the kind of film that can in no way hold your attention but is still easy to follow while you’re buried in your phone? Great, then WWN has the five perfect movies for you.

1) The Gray Man

With such a cacophony of noise bleeding into your ears from the action scenes, it’s never been easier to keep up with your TikToks. An occasional glancing up at the screen will let you know ‘oh hey that guy is still alive’ and you’ve missed nothing.

2) Holidate

If you’re into Romcoms but not willing to actually watch one, this is the perfect film for you. The plot is so easy to get to grips with you won’t miss anything not even when you go down a Google k-hole looking up religious cults again. You’ll easily give this a solid 7 out of 10 rating.

3) Knives Out

This next one relies heavily on the fact you’ve already seen it, and love every second of it. Your internal rhythms are so attuned to the Daniel Craig staring whodunnit that you will subconsciously look up from your phone and away from your ex’s Instagram at all the vital moments.

4) The Greatest Showman

A musical is perfect for when you want to watch a movie that you don’t actually have to lay eyes on, hum along as you have an out of body experience on a clothing site and somehow spend €300 without realising it.

5) The Godfather

You’ve been mocked for never watching what is widely considered one of the greatest movies ever, why not stick on while you catch up on your memes and in the process shut up that one friend who always say ‘mise en scene’ when talking about films. The Godfather is long enough that you can also fit in some ironing and a shower. Read the plot summary on Wikipedia and mute the movie while giving your mam a call.