New Netflix Drama Promises To Show Off Harold Shipman’s ‘Quirky, Fun Side’


FRESH from the success of their drama about Jeffrey Dahmer, Netflix have confirmed it is to oddly humanise serial killer Harold Shipman next WWN can reveal.

“Yes, he was a remorseless murderer but that’s just one side of the story, we’re aiming to give viewers a more rounded account of Harold; fun Harold, quirky Harold,” explained one producer.

“Like have you seen his woolly jumpers, so random! And that funny English accent how quaint, we can’t wait to trivialise a lot of this trauma and horror!”

True crime fans can look forward to 10 wildly entertaining episodes which detail Shipman’s reign of terror over his patients but not forgetting to put the ‘human’ into ‘inhumane killer’.

“We’re going to remain faithful to the truth and source materials up until the point where we’ll just change details if we feel like it. Remember, this drama our marketing teams will spend millions on promoting as the definitive and true account of a serial killer is a TV show so don’t take it as truly true or anything,” added the producer while dreaming of a future Buzzfeed article titled ‘Wait, Was Harold Shipman ‘Dadcore Hot’?!”

While casting hasn’t been confirmed, what we do know is that Shipman will have a six pack and he will be portrayed as a tortured soul who isn’t really to blame for any of this because he probably had a less than ideal childhood.