Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox Spotted With Bag Of Cans On Dublin Boardwalk, Bumming Smokes


OMG Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox have been spotted on Dublin’s notorious boardwalk with a huge Super Valu bag full of cheap Dutch larger asking people if they have a spare cigarette, WWN can categorically confirm.

Skulling can after can while harassing passing smokers ‘for butt’, the pair looked menacing as Dublin’s own boardwalk residents complained .

“This is our bleedin’ spot for galivanting,” Stevo Walsh, a long time board walker told WWN, “me one is after taking the last of me rollies and all, didn’t even bother offering a can or nothing”.

Necking zummies late into the evening, the couple settled in quickly to the surrounding Irish culture, before arguing with each other over who gets the last can.

“Pair of scumbags the pair of them,” Tabby Ryan, mother-of-13 recalls, whose favourite bench was taken by Americans, “if we acted like that now we’d be thrown in the clink for the night… it’s one law for thems and another law for us there is”.

It is understood Kelly and Fox were last seen heading towards some Dublin city flats, possibly to score some gear or session somewhere.

“Be wide now to them two,” another inner-city witness insisted, “trouble now is all they are – tramps head on ’em”.