American Sheriff Arrives In Cork To Investigate Local Woman’s Death


“I’M just making sure her death was from natural causes as there are dozens of murderers who would have loved to have caused her death,” US Sheriff Amos Tupper told WWN today, who flew into Cork from Cabot Cove late last night.

Mr. Tupper confirmed he is currently investigating the death of local woman Jessica Fletcher, who has been living in Cork for several years after moving from Cabot Cove, Maine after retiring as a best-selling author of mystery novels.

“Jessica was 96-years-old, but I just want to be really sure her passing had nothing to do with years of informing police and being responsible for the imprisonment of 33% of Cabot Coves population,” Sherrif Tupper revealed.

Joining the investigation, Sheriff Mort Metzger also joined Tupper in his investigations, with the pair expected to also follow up on several murder investigations Jessica Fletcher was working on in Cork.

“We’ve found some old cold case notes on a local man named Ian in Jessica’s Cork home who she believes may have been involved in a murder, so we’ll probably look into that while we’re in Ireland, as that’s what she would have wanted,” Metzger concluded.