BREAKING: No Sign Of Mark Out Since He Shacked Up With Your One


LOCAL man Mark Reegan has reportedly not been seen out since he shacked up with that young one he met on Tinder, sparking fears as to whether he’ll ever be out with the lads again, a WhatsApp group confirmed.

Mark, who previously would make it for pints during hail, rain, sleet or snow, hasn’t been seen since May following a successful date with some ‘qware one’ he met through the popular dating app.

“Cunt would turn up to an opening of an envelope,” friend David Mole pointed out, “you’d barely have pronounced the ‘t’ in pints and he’d be already shouting across the bar ‘what you having?'”

Recalling previous relationship encounters, the group of friends realised this wasn’t the first time Reegan has suddenly abandoned them for some bird he just met, referring to Jane, or Jenny, or whatever her name was the last time when Mark went missing for three whole weeks.

“It’s bad form now,” insisted Gerry Hackett, who has known Mark since Primary school, “fair enough he got himself a mot, but there’s no need to just toss his mates aside like a hot snot, especially after the last one dumped him and he spent the next month taking turns ringing the lads for pints every night – he can go fuck if he thinks he can just walk back into our lives now when this latest one gives him the boot”.

Worryingly, Reegan was last spotted in Tesco buying original flavoured Pringles and a bottle of red wine, despite all his mates knowing he’s a sour cream and onion with a bottle of beer guy himself.