Punter Thinks Local Pub Is His Own Personal Sitting Room


LONG-TIME patron of McKinerney’s bar in Waterford has somehow got it into his head that he owns the pub, regularly demanded things like he was sitting in his own living room, WWN has learned.

Paddy Mockler, who spends 2-3 hours every afternoon drinking the cheapest draft stout in the bar, once again demanded the bar TV remote control to ‘turn on the golf’, before later insisting the barman ‘turn up the volume’ as the live music was ‘too loud’.

“Hand us out a cloth there, Mark, will you?” Mockler demanded, unhappy that a fellow customer who let two drops of beer spill beside him on the bar counter that he was hogging, “no, not that one, the clean ones from the storeroom there that Danny got from cash and carry on Tuesday – I’ll get them if you want”.

Taking more liberties while continually becoming overly familiar with staff, Mockler called on another bar member for the television to now be totally turned down while he took an important call from his friend John, who unfortunately also frequents the bar on a daily basis.

“The usual, is it, John? I’ll get one of the young lads here to pour ya one now. Yeah, fucking slow as fuck down here. Place has gone to shite since Dave left, they couldn’t pull a door handle… yeah,” the whole bar could now hear, while openly scratching his nut sack before then cupping the phone and shouting over at staff, “here, when you’re ready… put on a pint for John there, will ya, he’ll be down in a minute… make sure there’s no bubbles in it now, and ya might as well put another one on for me too while you’re doing nothing else there, good lad,” the prick concluded.