Local Man Not Seeing Appreciation In Value From Millennium 50ps That He’d Hoped For


DUBLIN father-of-four Brian Penderton has admitted that his long-term investment in a collection of Millennium 50p coins may not sustain him in a lavish lifestyle for the rest of his days as he had once assumed they would, WWN can report.

Like many, Penderton was caught up in the Millennium 50p craze of the late 80s after the release of a limited number of the special coins to coincide with the 1000th birthday of Dublin city.

Assured by everyone that the coins would ‘soar in value’, Penderton managed to collect 20 of the coins which he believed would be worth ten thousand pounds apiece by now, and not the 30 euro he’s currently being offered for the lot on Adverts.ie.

“Do you have any idea how hard it was to be 9-years-old and not spend 50p? To think of the Double Dips and Wham bars I could have eaten,” sighed the now 43-year-old Penderton.

“I really thought I would have been able to clear the mortgage with my Henry Hippo bank full of Millennium 50ps, then sell the Henry Hippo and buy a sports car, but it turns out that mass-produced items that people assign value to just end up being worth what someone is willing to pay for them, which turns out to be fuck all in most cases”.

Although dismayed by the low value of his 50p coins, Penderton is confident that his new investment in cryptocurrency and NFTs will ensure he spends his imminent retirement in the lap of luxury.