Complete Bullshitter Keeps Claiming First Attempt ‘Wordle’ Guesses


FUN and harmless word game Wordle continues to consume people around the world and across social media, but appeals are now being made for certain players to ‘cut the bullshit’ on their improbable success.

One such bullshitter called out on his Wordle boasting is John Trinian, with the finger being pointed at him after the 36-year-old posted his third miraculous first attempt correct guess in a row.

“One first guess I would be extremely cynical about and suspicious of because I’m generally a joyless void but c’mon John, three-in-a-row, you’re only embarrassing yourself,” offered one Trinian’s Twitter followers.

“What a completely pathetic thing to do boasting about, as if anyone would care. What a P R _ _ K” shared one Wordle player who always feels a bit self conscious sharing their 6th line correct guesses on Twitter.

Trinian for his part maintains he is simply an astute player of the game and if other people want to jealous of him that’s their problem.

“No, that’s complete bullshit, why doesn’t he just make up completely fabricated and wise beyond their years things his 3-year-old says to get the validation of strangers online like a normal person,” offered one mother, who claims to have lost to her 2-year-old in Scrabble, French edition, yesterday.