National Development Plan To See Construction Of Large Scale Pie In Irish Sky


A LARGE floating pie has been earmarked for the Irish skyline and will be constructed in the next 10 to 200 years, as outlined in the government’s new National Development Plan, WWN can report.

The ingredients of the pie will contain a mixture of trains, planes, and automobiles with a sprinkle of housing, water and lashings and lashings of carbon taxes which are expected to halt climate change in its tracks and any carelessly damaging environmental practices carried out on the island.

“This is going to be the best pie in the sky we’ve ever created,” insisted a government spokesman, blissfully ignoring the last 2040 pie it promised, and the Metrolink pie it left in the oven too long which is now burnt to a crisp, “we’re getting really good at pie recipes and we’re very positive that we can actually finish this one”.

It is estimated the ingredients for the new pie are expected to cost €165 billion, or in Irish government terms, ten times that figure by 2030.

“You people are so pessimistic,” the government spokesman retorted, “€165 billion is exactly half of our current national debt so why you’re even worrying is anyone’s guess. Sure, by the time the pie is finished €46,000 debt per person will sound like pennies the way inflation is currently going – it will be grand”.

UPDATE: Concern has been expressed after the government is rumoured to be outsourcing the baking of much of the €165 billion pie to Children’s Hospital contractor, BAM.