Things We’ll Never Take For Granted Again


AN END is in sight but as humanity remains on the long hard slog out of this global pandemic many people still desperately miss normality and feel a profound yearning for a return of the ‘little things’.

After canvassing our reader opinion, here are some things all of us will never take for granted ever again:

– Anonymously farting in a crowded lift and watching the reaction of those in the lift as it dawns on their nostrils just what unavoidable carnage has enveloped them.

– Your face being wedged into the armpit of a sweaty man during the rush hour commute.

Friends and family

– Toilet seats in pubs and nightclubs absolutely drenched in urine.

– Being subjected to stories from auld lads while waiting for your pint at the bar.

– Everything pub related actually.

– Being able to really let rip when sneezing in public.

– Having your head absolutely wrecked by drunk English lads while on a sun holiday.

– Doing boring quizzes that suck the life out of the room but NOT on Zoom

– Seeing someone’s full face when trying to figure out if they’re flirting with you or just looking at the much more attractive person standing behind you.

– Licking the pole in the strip club. Oh sweet pastimes of yore, how you are missed.

– Not pointlessly washing your hands after every trip to the toilet.