Local Hipster To Microdose Vaccine


SILICONE DOCKS worker Karl Regan has told his fellow IT work colleagues via WhatsApp that he will not be taking the full form of the new Covid-19 vaccine, but instead will microdose the injection over a period of time, WWN has learned.

In a bid to reap the full benefits of the new drug, Regan explains he will periodically administer a fraction of the dose every couple of days, much like he does with LSD, MDMA, THC and any other in drugs that he feels the need to take.

“Man, microdosing the vaccine is the way forward – less of the risk and more of the gain!” the 32-year-old self-confessed phyconaught stated, who took a whole half of an acid tab once, but never again because he didn’t like that feeling of losing control, self-analysis, “it’s not chickening out or anything, it’s just a form of moderation and I don’t see anyone else doing it, so I’ll probably be the first to try it”.

Normally frequenting “class places” to eat and drink, the grandson of four said to his workmates that he is looking forward to integrating back into society again after as lockdown is lifted and the virus is gone, before suddenly being pulled up by that prick James Hackett, who works in the AI department.

“Lad, surely you will need to microdose your way out of lockdown then too, if you’re only going to be taking small doses of the vaccine?” Hackett put, always challenging Regan since a lengthy debate erupted over the best method of drying out Ecuadorian mushrooms got out of hand.

“Says yer man who couldn’t extract DMT from an ayahuasca vine if it jumped out of the Amazon and bit him on the arse,” Regan scoffed, in a reply so lame that the ‘Mad yokes from work’ WhatsApp fell eerily silent.