Terrible Shame If We All Contacted The TDs Who Voted To Seal Mother & Baby Home Records


WWN would strongly advise against inconveniencing your local TD who voted in favour of sealing away the records of Mother and Baby homes. As you will be aware, politicians don’t answer to the likes of you, now scuttle off and stop annoying them.

It would be the height of rudeness if saw the email address below belonging to your local TD who voted to give the two finger salute to survivors pleading that their records are not sealed away for 30 years. Whatever you do, don’t let them know how you feel; these are very important people and you don’t deserve to waste their time with silly stuff.

Further more if you were to state that come next election you would make it your business to remind everyone of how this TD voted to protect religious orders and the State over giving people access to their own records that would be a shame, but it’s not like the threat of being voted out of a nice salary and juicy pension ever forced a u-turn.

Whatever you do, do not contact the following TDs, you’re simpleminded compared to them and you don’t understand the complex nature of these things like ‘the whip’, ‘legal advice’ and ‘that’s not how politics works’. They’re banking on your anger quickly fading, run along now:

Colm Brophy, Dublin South West – [email protected]

James Browne, Wexford – [email protected]

Richard Bruton, Dublin Bay North – [email protected]

Colm Burke, Cork North Central – [email protected]

Peter Burke, Longford-Westmeath – [email protected]

Thomas Byrne, Meath East – [email protected]

Jackie Cahill, Tipperary – [email protected]

Dara Calleary, Mayo – [email protected]

Ciaran Cannon, Galway East – [email protected]

Joe Carey, Clare – [email protected]

Jennifer Carroll MacNeill, Dun Laoghaire – [email protected]

Jack Chambers, Dublin West – [email protected]

Niall Collins, Limerick County – [email protected]

Patrick Costello, Dublin South-Central – [email protected]

Simon Coveney, Cork South-Central – [email protected]

Cathal Crowe, Clare – [email protected]

Cormac Devlin, Dun Laoghaire – [email protected]

Alan Dillon, Mayo – [email protected]

Stephen Donnelly, Wicklow – [email protected]

Paschal Donohoe, Dublin Central – [email protected]

Francis Noel Duffy, Dublin South West – [email protected]

Bernard Durkin, Kildare North – [email protected]

Damien English, Meath West – [email protected]

Alan Farrell, Dublin North – [email protected]

Frankie Feighan, Sligo-Leitrim – [email protected]

Joe Flaherty, Longford-Westmeath – [email protected]

Sean Fleming, Laois-Offaly – [email protected]

Norma Foley, Kerry – [email protected]

Brendan Griffin, Kerry – [email protected]

Simon Harris, Wicklow – [email protected]

Sean Haughey, Dublin Bay North – [email protected]

Martin Heydon, Kildare South – [email protected]

Emer Higgins, Dublin Mid-West – [email protected]

Neasa Hourigan, Dublin Central [email protected]

Heather Humphreys, Cavan-Monaghan – [email protected]

Paul Kehoe, Wexford – [email protected]

John Lahart, Dublin South-West – [email protected]

James Lawless, Kildare North – [email protected]

Brian Leddin, Limerick City – [email protected]

Convicted criminal Michael Lowry, Tipperary – [email protected]

Marc MacSharry, Sligo-Leitrim – [email protected]

Josepha Madigan, Dublin Rathdown – [email protected]

Catherine Martin, Dublin Rathdown – [email protected]

Steven Matthews, Wicklow – [email protected]

Paul McAuliffe, Dublin South-West – [email protected]

Charlie McConalogue, Donegal – [email protected]

Helen McEntee, Meath-East – [email protected]

Michael McGrath, Cork South-Central – [email protected]

Joe McHugh, Donegal – [email protected]

Aindrias Moynihan, Cork North-West – [email protected]

Michael Moynihan, Cork North-West – [email protected]

Jennifer Murnane O’Connor, Carlow-Kilkenny – jennifer.murnaneoconnor@oireachtas

Eoghan Murphy, Dublin Bay Situh – [email protected]

Hildegarde Naughton, Galway-West – [email protected]

Darragh O’Brien, Dublin Fingal – [email protected]

Joe O’Brien, Dublin Fingal – [email protected]

Jim O’Callghan, Dublin Bay South – [email protected]

James O’Connor, Cork East – [email protected]

Willie O’Dea, Limerick City – [email protected]

Kieran O’Donnell, Limerick City – [email protected]

Patrick O’Donovan, Limerick County – [email protected]

Fergus O’Dowd, Louth – [email protected]

Roderic O’Gorman, Dublin West – [email protected]

Christopher O’Sullivan, Cork South-West – [email protected]

Padráig O’Sullivan, Cork North-Central – [email protected]

Marc O’Cathasaigh, Waterford – [email protected]

Éamon Ó Cuív, Galway West – [email protected]

Anne Rabbitte, Galway East – [email protected]

Neale Richmond, Dublin Rathdown – [email protected]

Michael Ring, Mayo – [email protected]

Eamon Ryan, Dublin Bay South – [email protected]

Brendan Smith, Cavan-Monaghan – [email protected]

Niamh Smyth, Cavan-Monaghan – [email protected]

Ossian Smyth, Dun Laoghaire – [email protected]

David Stanton, Cork East – [email protected]

Robert Troy, Longford-Westmeath – [email protected]

Leo Varadkar Dublin West – [email protected]