Banksy Refugee Boat Taken From Sea And Put Up For Auction


A RESCUE boat funded by British street artist Banksy is to go up for auction next week after being originally launched in the Mediterranean Sea in a bid to help save refugees, WWN has learned.

It didn’t take art dealers long to pluck The Louise Michel, a former French navy vessel, from the sea using helicopters before shipping it directly to London where it will go under the hammer for an estimated 100 million British pounds.

“We’re surprised it lasted that long out in the water,” one future bidder of the craft explained, “Banksy’s work is in such high demand people will literally do anything to own a piece,” adding, “hopefully for the sake of the everyone on board it will be snapped up soon and goes to a good home”.

The French vessel was launched under its new guise last week and features a painting from Banksy depicting a young girl holding onto a heart-shaped safety float and is also captained by a professional rescue crew.

“Along with the crew, seven freshly saved migrant will also come with the boat,” a Christie’s London spokesman detailed the new lot, “this will make a great piece for someone who owns a large lake or sea, so we expect this to go to a wealthy Russian billionaire or an Arab prince, which is kind of ironic considering 5 of the 7 refugees on the ship were fleeing Yemen when they were rescued”.

The art dealers responsible for uninstalling Banksy’s latest piece from the Mediterranean Sea confirmed that all proceeds will definitely not go to any charity, that’s for sure.