Trump Praises COBRA, Rita Repulsa, Dick Dastardly, Blofeld, Shredder & Emperor Palpatine In Speech


PRESIDENT Donald Trump has received criticism for seemingly endorsing the conspiracy theory movement known as Qanon, describing them as ‘people who love our country very much’. This is not the first time Trump has courted controversy for praising a movement which operates outside societal norms.

Taking a look at similar incidents in the recent past, WWN can reveal Trump also lent his praise, support and endorsement to a number of controversial groups and figures:

– Described white supremacists involved in the Charlottesville protests as ‘very fine people’.

–  Engaged with Moon-based villain Rita Repulsa to see if she had any advice on ‘making my economy grow’.

– Stated that the battle for Hogwarts was ‘not as straightforward as people say’, adding that ‘we should listen to this Voldemort guy’.

– Claimed that the villain known as ‘The Shredder’ was doing a better job in New York City than that punk Cuomo.

– Floated the idea that SPECTRE was an organisation that the US should consider doing business with, as they’re ‘more better’ than most Europeans.

– Wished child sex trafficking suspect Ghislaine Maxwell ‘all the best’ in her upcoming trial.

– Refused to wish home-grown fighting hero Ken Masters luck in his upcoming bout against M. Bison, claiming Bison had ‘always treated me with respect’.

– Dismissed former president Barack Obama’s assassination of Osama Bin Laden as ‘hasty’, claiming he ‘should have heard the guy out’.

– Gushed lovingly about the ‘cleanliness’ of the Galactic Empire, adding that ‘that Palpatine guy has some okay ideas’.

– Aided Colonel Decker in his successful mission to capture the A-Team, stating that Decker is ‘ a real go-getter’.

– Told COBRA Commander that he had a ‘nice face, very shiny’.

– Wrote a letter to Vladimir Putin claiming to be ‘a big fan’.

– Donated $4m dollars to Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde to aid their ongoing quest to catch Pacman.

– Purports to be a massive fan of president Donald Trump on an almost-constant basis.