Nursing Home Failings: Who’s To Blame & Who They’re Blaming To Cover Their Arses


AS MORE INFORMATION comes to light and the facts about key decisions, genuinely unforeseen errors and tragic missed opportunities become known in relations to Irish nursing homes, it is slowly becoming clearer who must share blame and who they are trying to blame in turn.

With the days of ‘we’re all in this together’ long gone, it’s time to see who, if anyone, is to blame and they throwing under the bus:

The Government

While it goes without saying they should have foreseen a global pandemic coming, it’s a bit unfair to suggest successive governments have mishandled Ireland’s health system and continue to exacerbate needless suffering for many citizens.

Who are they blaming? In private? Take your pick.


Correspondence between the HSE and Nursing Home Ireland show that from as early as the end of February private nursing homes were appealing for help with PPE and staffing issues and forewarning about their concerns.

Who are they blaming? The NHI.

Nursing Homes Ireland

Staff working at nursing homes represented by the NHI private nursing homes, have worked tirelessly through this unprecedented crisis. Among less unprecedented things learned about private nursing homes, often run at a handsome profit, is that a HIQA report in 2018 found 80% of nursing homes were not compliant with the basic standards required.

Who are they blaming? The HSE.


It’s unclear if it’s fair to blame a body that is given all the responsibility to investigate standards at private nursing homes but none of the power to sanction them for flouting basic standards and duty of care.

Who are they blaming? Apportioning blame is beyond the remit of HIQA.

Nursing home patients

They’re not patients, they’re residents. They’re also people who have been infantilised through all of this. Talked over, talked about but not listened to.

Who are they blaming? Ah, we didn’t bother asking the doddery old fools.


Still no idea what they really do.

Opposition Politicians

While not in charge of any aspect of the response to Covid-19, it should be a jailable offence to keep pointing out how they have all the correct answers and responses while refusing to share them.

Who are they blaming? Take a number and wait in line.

John from Dungarvan

It’s harsh to single out John but he isn’t half giving out about this stuff despite consistently voting in all local, national and European elections like it’s all a bit of an inconsequential laugh and who’s research consists of a quick 30 second read of some leaflet.

Who is he blaming? Whoever he forgot he voted for last time out.

An irrational and emotionally driven desire to reduce a complex situation into an overly simplistic narrative of simple black and white, pushed by many who have no interest in gaining a better understanding of any of this and instead simply see 1600 plus deaths and think ‘it’s point scoring time’

Don’t be fucking ridiculous.

Some unruly and messy combination of all of the above

You might be onto something.