Sexy MILFS In Your Area Warned Against Meeting Single Guys Looking For Fun


DOZENS of hot, sexy older women near you have been urged to stay at home and observe proper lockdown precautions in a bid to tackle the ongoing Coronavirus crisis in your area, WWN can report.

The move comes after police services were informed of online advertisements that stated that MILFs in the area were still looking for hot, single guys who wanted to have fun together; in direct contradiction to HSE guidelines aimed at stemming the rise of the virus.

While efforts are being made to locate and isolate these hot sexy women, local singles are being urged to remain at home and only visit sex-starved MILFs within a 2km radius, if they are in need of urgent assistance such as a message from the shops.

“If you see an invitation from one of these women show up on your computer, it’s important that you do no attempt to meet up” stressed a member of the Garda MILF Combat Squad.

“If you must meet them, then maintain adequate social distancing and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. Or just go to their house and wave in the window. We’ve seen some very touching pictures online of men outside the homes of their MILFs, greeting them from a distance. It’s very romantic, and very sweet!”

The police have also stated that they’re keeping all these sexy single women on file for when this has all blown over.