Woman Clearly Basing Her Personality On Cooler Best Friend


ONE DUBLIN woman’s recent moves in choice of clothes, fashion, favourite phrases, new laugh and food and drink preferences has led to accusations that she is infact basing her ‘personality pivot’ on her cooler, more effortlessly self-assured friend.

Aoife Scannell (25) has denied all charges, but few believe that the recent alterations and refinements to her personality have not been copied wholesale from Zara Stewart (25).

“No matter what Zara does Aoife’s straight in with the ‘oh my God, that’s so me too’ or ‘snap, totes twins’. Won’t be long now before she goes full Talented Mr. Ripley or Single White Female on Zara,” shared one person who is friends with both women.

Scannell’s denials do not stack up, however, as she recently complimented Zara on a bag that she then went out and bought herself. However, Scannell denies buying a long beige coat because her friend bought one, instead, citing the “we’re all basic bitches” defence.

“Oh yeah, she started playing tennis out of nowhere – that’s a Zara’s thing,” added our source.

Other damning evidence includes secretly wishing all Zara’s outfits came with one of those fashion finder tags you see on the Mail Online, along with her new higher pitched laugh which is basically a carbon copy of Zara’s.

“Sadly, there’s no law against this sort of stuff. Friends are free to use that one phrase or piece of slang you claim to have introduced to a friend group, and it will shock you when I say this, but like the guards don’t give a fuck,” explained one friendship and legal expert WWN spoke with.