The Only Ways Liverpool Could Lose The League Now


LIVERPOOL’S long wait for a title is almost over, with even the most pessimistic of football fans conceding it is nigh on impossible that the Merseysiders could let their commanding lead slip.

And yet, the history books of the beautiful game are littered with examples of unbelievable twists and turns, both cruel and euphoric. Just how could the Reds bottle it? With games running out for their rivals, it seems there are only a few unlikely scenarios and WWN Sport has them all listed out for you below:

The United Arab Emirates, sorry, we mean Man City, no wait, City Football Group, purchase the Premier League

Sheikh Mansour, seeing a nice business opportunity to add to his portfolio buys not hundreds of millions worth of full backs or Hyderabad City FC but instead purchases the entire league and quickly alters some minor rules which could derail Liverpool’s title hopes, such as awarding City 12 points for a win.

Steven Gerrard comes out of retirement

Born on an ancient Indian burial ground with a chronic allergy to Premier League success and debilitating illness known as ‘jelly legs’, Gerrard could use his considerable influence at Anfield to come out of retirement and sign as a free agent for one last game for Liverpool.

Liverpool fans just won’t stop jinxing it

The karmic power of counting your chickens before they hatch can bring about a devastating retribution of the cosmic kind, and with each Liverpool fans rubbing it in rival fans’ faces it the closer the possibility of a cataclysmic disaster of an end to the season grows.

Any fans thinking of getting ‘Premier League Champions 2019/20’ back tattoos must be intercepted and locked away, cryogenically frozen or have their mouths sewed shut until the title is secured.

World War III breaks out

A world altering war that causes hundreds of millions of casualties in a bloody and relentless feud that ends in a nuclear holocaust would pale in comparison to Liverpool fans’ fury at the cancellation of the Premier League season. It’s all about perspective and world leaders armed to the teeth with bombs are painfully ignorant to the long wait Liverpool fans have endured. Shame on them.

Trent Alexander Arnold gets distracted by pregnant women on Snapchat again

Although as long as his right foot isn’t distracted, the marauding defender will still rack up another 15 assists by the end of the season.