Met Eireann Warn Of Massive Storm For Two Days Ago


MET Eireann has issued a red weather warning for the entire west coast of Ireland, advising people to stay away from the coastlines, ‘especially Galway’, on the 18th of December.

The orange weather warning comes just two days after the orange weather event battered Salthill and caused turmoil across the country, with Met Eireann insisting the stark warning is ‘better late than never’.

Meanwhile, sections of the media have criticised the post-weather forecast, stating that they weren’t given sufficient time to whip up a media frenzy ahead of the storm and cause widespread panic.

”It had everything; actual chaos, life-threatening winds, lashing rain, it even had a cool name, Storm Elsa, think of the Frozen puns we could have had,” moaned a spokesperson for the associated press. ”RTE didn’t have time to get a weatherperson out in the lashing rain, for God’s sake. It’s not good enough for the met service to warn us about these things after they happened.

“We need a three week lead-in, even if it’s based on pure speculation or ends up not happening – we need to sell papers!”.

Met Eireann added that any Storm Elsa memes that you may have will still be valid for the next storm, so don’t delete them off your phone just yet.