Green Party Leader Calls For Cars Made From Bees


GREEN party leader Eamon Ryan has called on the government to implement new laws which will force manufacturers to make cars out of living bees, WWN has learned.

Ryan said bee cars will be the new wave of environmentally friendly motor vehicles and will also help promote pollination across the country.

“Their wings will help propel the vehicles making CO2 emitting engines obsolete,” he said, all by himself, “bee cars will probably be able to fly too and this will help curb congestion.

“Bee cars are awesome and can do anything they want and when your finished with them, bee cars will park themselves in dozens of different hives every night so no one can steal your bee car. Then, when you want your bee car again in the morning, you just use a special bee whistle to summon your bee car. It will be so cool. Bee cars are the future and I predict everyone will probably own a bee car in the next ten years”.

On Virgin Media’s Ireland AM programme Ryan previously proposed a carpooling system suggesting that a village of 300 people needs just 30 cars to operate, and if they could all use the one shower too in the morning and use the same toothbrush that would be great.

“The man is an absolute genius,” said no one after watching the show.

Elsewhere, people who have no intention of ever participating in the effort to avert climate disaster have thanked Ryan for providing them with the necessary excuse not to.