Fanta Or Club Orange Or A Sustainable Socialist Republic For All?


IT’S A DEBATE which continues to rage, pitting friends, family and trusted allies against one another, but what has the most refreshing, zesty taste?

Do you love the fresh taste of Fanta or the orangey goodness of Club Orange or is there really a more refreshing recipe than a sustainable socialist republic for all?

The time to take sides has come.

We could heavily debate the ‘foreign Fanta is best Fanta’ theory or dive deep into the ‘Club Orange tastes more natural but I don’t like the bits’ argument, or is the third option of wrestling the means of production back from the monied elite who believe in profit above all else more palatable?

In one corner you’ve got the Coca Cola Company manufactured Fanta, in the other corner you’ve got the Cantrell and Cochrane owned Club Orange while in the third corner you’ve got a socialist republic owned and operated by the people for the benefit of all the people – laying waste to housing issues and inequality.

They all have their perceived flaws; Fanta and Club Orange contain sugar, and a socialist republic often takes the form of a single-party state which violently crushes all opposition and alternative voices.

It’s a tough decision but gulp down on your desired choice like you’re trying to keep the summer Sun from overheating you and your strongly held political ideology.

Q: Fanta or Club Orange or a sustainable socialist republic for all?

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