Majority Of Mentalists Not GDPR Compliant


A SHOCKING new report into data protection and the privacy of human beings has found that 99.7% of mentalists, mind readers, psychics, tarot card readers and magicians are not adhering to European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The report found that mentalists are not asking for any permissions when accessing people’s thoughts, despite the strict new guidelines being implemented across the EU last year.

The report read “every day hundreds of audience members and participants are having their minds read without any consideration as to what exactly is being observed in the deepest parts of their minds.”

The revelation comes after several high profile mentalists were questioned over the selling of information from stolen memories to multinational corporations and advertising brands for large sums of money.

Waterford mentalist Keith Barry called on mind readers to implement a simple questionnaire before attempting to access people’s thoughts, something he has be doing at his shows since last year.

“It’s just a simple one page questionnaire asking if people wanted all their minds read, or just the bit that matters for the trick or show,” Barry explains in a strange Waterford/Dublin/American twang, “the majority of people just tick the box ‘all their minds read’, and don’t really mind. But this needs to be done for everyone’s security”.

Along with the GDPR questionnaire, mentalists will also have to ask their subjects to accept cookies before proceeding.