Local Girl Is Make-Up Artist Now After Watching Online Tutorial


WATERFORD girl Hellen McKeith has graduated from full-time college student to part-time college student, full-time make artist, after realising to herself that there’s ‘feck all to it’, WWN can reveal.

McKeith, 20, found that her passion for online make-up tutorials, beauty blogs and putting a face on herself easily counts as training and experience, and went ahead and added the coveted ‘MUA’ tag to her social media profiles.

With a field of expertise, including ‘a pretty good fake tan’ and the ability to put one look on herself at all times and for all occasions, McKeith is now able to give advice and scathing criticism to her pals on their cosmetic choices.

“I’ve wanted to be a beauty expert for a few weeks now, so I just decided why not, just go for your dreams, well, the dreams you’ve had for several days at least,” said McKeith, doing her winged eyeliner because somehow it’s 2009 again.

“I’m available for doing you up a bit before a night out, helping you before your 21st, at the mirror in nightclub toilets, doing my own makeup on the train, pretty much anything really. I have no offer codes in my blog yet, but that’ll change. Oh shit, remind me to start a blog”.

McKeith went on to show us her favourite pieces of make-up, which also happen to be her only pieces of make-up.