The World’s Oldest People Keep Dying And No One Knows Why


WITH the official oldest person in the world being announced this week as 116-year-old Japanese woman Kane Tanaka, WWN investigates one of the most cursed Guinness records to date, which has so far taken every single person who has held the prestigious title.

Investigating the records of all the oldest people in the world, we start with the very oldest recorded person in the world, Jeanne Calment, a 122-year-old French woman who suddenly just dropped dead in 1997.

“Just like nearly all of her predecessors, Calment was just your stereotypical supercentenarian enjoying life to the fullest,” tells historian Dr. James Patterson, “and then on 4th of August that year, she suddenly just drops dead, despite never been sick before a day in her life”.

Taking up the reins that same year, 115-year-old Maggie Barnes then became Guinness’ new poster girl, however, her new role was also short lived when she also just died from apparently nothing.

“Only one year after Ms. Calment died, Barnes soon followed her,” Dr. Patterson added. “In fact, anyone who has held the title as world’s oldest person only lasted a year at most, some not even that long, which is really odd and very suspicious. What on earth is happening to these poor people?”

Experts have speculated that maybe the stress of holding such a title as world’s oldest person could be the main cause of their sudden untimely deaths.

“It’s a lot to take on so I’m sure it’s very stressful at the top,” one expert insisted.

Other possibilities include the possibility that a serial killer may be on the loose preying on the world’s oldest people and that no one has found out yet.

More on this story as it develops.