Nathan Carter Robbed At Grammys


THERE was widespread shock and dismay among the culchie community in Ireland today, after Country star Nathan Carter was sensationally snubbed at the 61st Grammy Awards ceremony last night.

Carter, who was not nominated for any awards whatsoever, was seen by many in the Midlands and south of Ireland as a ‘dead cert’ for a gong or two, based on the notion that common sense would apply and judges would see the error of their ways at the last minute.

Fans of Carter watched in horror as the Best New Artist award went to Dua Lipa, and Song Of the Year went to This Is America by Childish Gambino and not to Wagon Wheel, which was released in 2012 but is still way better than ‘any of this shite’.

“The Grammy Awards has just lost all credibility in my eyes” said 67-year-old Waterford superfan Aggie McLoughlain, wearing her NATHAN 4 LYF t-shirt.

“Cardi B? How about a cardigan? How about wearing a nice cardigan and playing ‘Gentle Mother’ on the squeeze box on The Late Late Show, like our Nathan does. He’s the clear winner here, not these ones going around with fuck all clothes on, or the lads mumbling their words instead of singing properly. Talk properly boys! Show some respect for your audience!”

Although Carter has missed out on a Grammy Award for 2019, he is still favourite to pick up a Mammy Award for ‘Nicest Wee Singer’ at the Ploughing match later this year.