Parking Meters Installed Along M50


PARKING meters with an extended maximum period of ten hours are to be installed along the M50 with the aim of generating €500mn euro in the first year of operation, WWN can confirm.

Motorists stationary for more than 2 minutes will be required to spend a minimum of 3 euros to avoid being clamped under the new measures.

Over 5 thousand electronic meters will cater for 20 separate zones and will coincide with a brand new m50 app which will allow motorists to simply text their current location on the motorway.

However, motorists have slammed the new meters as a “money racket”, pointing out that tickets will only be void in their designated area, forcing motorists to purchase several on their journey as they eventually pass from one zone to the next.

“On any given day a motorist could be charged hundreds of euros for using the motorway,” said Sinn Féin spokesperson Cathal Ní Something.

In a reply, Minister for Transport Shane Ross defended the new meters, stating that “it was either charge for parking, or charge people for rent”.

The new meter contract was awarded to an Isle of Man company owned by businessman Denis O’Brien.