Roscommon Eviction: Pile On In The Comment Section Here


SETTLE IN, get comfy and let it rip. While we’re sure there is no shortage of online or public venues in which to express a well reasoned opinion of the events in Roscommon this last week, we encourage you all to pile on in the comment sections below here.

Whether you’re a ‘the State is violently suppressing the people’ kind of gal or a ‘Republican thugs beating up Loyalist thugs all under the veil of “protecting good honest Irish people”‘ kind of guy, you’re all welcome below in what we imagine will be a well reasoned discourse eschewing the sort of rush to judgement that involves wildly misstating alleged actions, facts and happenings all so you can prove your long held beliefs are correct.

If you’re only catching up on the events that have shocked and angered many, but are finding it hard to orientate yourself just quickly type ‘scum’ as it is the sort of vague statement that could come down on the side of any of the 14 different sides this thing seems to have.

WWN, an esteemed publication which unlike its news publication rivals, does not simply frame articles and stories in such a way as to drive clicks and interactions thus helping us sell ad space, and so WWN will not irresponsibly goad its readers into rash statements and judgements but if you are so inclined, we won’t stop you. Consider the comment section below to be your friend, the sort that let’s you shout in their face for an hour about the world’s problems and only says ‘yes, you’re correct’.

Some spare comments which were kindly donated by some members of the public for use and reproduction free of charge include:

“The proletariat will seize the means of production and crush this capitalist society, feeding the rich to the pigs”

“Animals, the lot of them. Is this what I pay my taxes for?”

“We bailed out the banks. Well, not this one, but fuck it, fuck the banks, we bailed them out!”

“I pay my mortgage, and if I stop then that’s my fault”

“Those fucking immigrants”

“Insert an assortment of swear words and emojis here”

“This wouldn’t have happened if Joe Dolan was still alive”

“What has this country come to? Still filming in portrait mode!!!”

Choose away, and enjoy yourselves.