“Ride Everything With A Pulse!” – The Touching Last Words Of Irish Grandmother


FIDELMA HICKEY, a 91-year-old Waterford woman sadly passed away on Wednesday but not before imparting inspirational words to her 3 granddaughters who were at her bedside during her final moments. Words that have since gone viral and featured in the pages of the New York Times, the Sydney Morning Herald, LadBible and the Daily Telegraph among thousands of other publications.

“Granny suffered no fools that’s for sure,” youngest granddaughter Alva (25) shared with WWN, “she was a trailblazer, a modern woman who grew up in not so modern time, and her final words will stay with me forever”.

Hickey, a devoted grandmother sought to pass on words of wisdom in her final breaths and her words have astounded and inspired those who have heard her story as it is shared online.

“I don’t care if it’s a woman or a man or whatever they call themselves that you’re shacking up with, just shag them seven ways ’till Sunday” Hickey, clearly struggling for oxygen can be heard telling her granddaughters on audio privately recorded by her family.

“If they have a small one, a long, a fat one, a bendy one. Or ya know, if it’s a she, the longer and wider the tongue, take it from me. Just promise me you’ll jump up on whatever it is and get your kicks love. Ride everything with a pulse,” the inspirational 91-year-old said, now coughing through the pain.

“I remember one fella and I said ‘oh that’ll never fit in here, Jesus, sure amn’t I haunted at least once a week by the thought of never giving it a go”.

“My one regret in life is I can only count on one hand the times I had an orgy. Girls, if I could do all again, I’d have dumped your grandfather in a heartbeat and turned riding young fellas into an Olympic sport,” Hickey says in her poignant final breath, the cries of anguish and loss of her 92-year-old husband Noel Hickey also clearly heard.

What a woman. What advice!