BREAKING: Population Of Wexford Voted World’s Sexiest People


THE entire county and population of Wexford has been voted the planet’s sexiest town and people in a poll published this morning, WWN can confirm.

People of Wexford stole a large majority of the votes from some of the world’s biggest contenders, including Summer Bay in Australia, Love Island in Spain somewhere and loads of other places where people are really sexy. Yeah, that’s it, Wexford beat them all.

In the poll carried out by WWN, which is in no way connected to the fact that WWN is putting on its live stage show performance in the Spiegeltent in Wexford tonight at 8pm, Wexford people wiped the floor with the competition as their stunning good looks and heightened intelligence levels secured them the top spot in what the world is hailing as the “most important poll of the 21st century… ever”.

“I’m just delighted to be one of those sexy people,” said Tommy Holden, just one of the lucky 149,605 people who live in the World’s sexiest town, “I also heard that WWN’s live show is on tonight in the Spiegeltent and that they’ve pumped months of work into it, so I think absolutely everyone is heading there to celebrate Wexford winning the world’s sexiest people award”.

It is expected that all the tickets for tonight’s WWN live show in Wexford may be bought up by the county’s sexiest people, with those left without a ticket to be labeled not as sexy, but still sexy all the same, just not in the top tier of Wexford sexy, so to speak.

Wexford is expected to hold onto the title of World’s Sexiest People for the next 12 hours, at least, until the WWN Live show is over.