They Murder Journalists, But Let Women Drive – Are The Saudis Really That Bad?


IN THIS modern age where we’re so quick to become outraged in this politically correct world, Saudi Arabia and its ruling Salman family are getting a bit of flack for the alleged killing and dismembering of a journalist from the Washington Post.

But are the Saudis really that bad, after all they recently allowed women the right to drive. WWN attempts to cut through all the noise and find a definitive answer.

None of us would like to be judged solely on our worst days, when we’re a little tired, irritable or cranky. So should people really be allowed to criticise a regime that assassinates journalists when, ya know, on their good days they sometimes don’t execute people for being homosexuals?

This snowflake culture we live in today doesn’t seem to understand how the world works. And yes, okay, Saudi Arabia is using UK and US bought bombs to target Yemen’s key agricultural resources resulting in the onset of a deadly famine but Saudi women are now allowed to have a choice in what they wear in public as long as its modest and they cover their hair.

Can any of us, if we’re being honest, really stand up and say we’ve never committed a litany of war crimes in Yemen? Let’s not be hypocrites here people.

The more we look into Saudi Arabia and the reforms of Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, we can’t help but see the good in the country. It’s important not to prejudge a country on the one time they were actually caught assassinating an innocent journalist.

UPDATE 1: Sorry, we rushed to judgement, it turns out both US President Donald Trump AND previously George Bush cosied up to King Salman. All over precious oil and trade. This is all kind of disgusting the more we think about it.

UPDATE 2: Sorry, false alarm turns out Barack Obama cosied up to King Salman too, so he can’t be that bad. We totally got caught up in that silly outrage business for a minute. It really is important to sit back, calm down and not have a super emotional reaction to watching a country get away with murdering journalists and killing and starving kids in Yemen.