McGregor Does Nothin’


IN A COMPLETE departure from much of his pre-fight bravado and prediction making it was revealed in the early hours of Sunday morning that Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor had in fact done nothin’.

Bemused UFC fights fans watched on as now 27-0 Khabib Nurmagomedov dominated the headline fight at UFC 229, reducing McGregor do more less doing nothin’ as the Russian’s take downs resulted in an overwhelmingly one-sided fight.

Post-fight, there has been a huge amount of talk and debate about the horrible and thuggish scenes which caught the eyes of the MMA watching world.

“Honestly I can’t believe what I saw, reprehensible thugs is all I’ll say,” one UFC fan remarked of the scenes which saw McGregor calling opponents ‘faggots’, ‘cholos’, ‘Nazis’ and ‘terrorists’ as well as causing criminal damage to a bus, injuring people in the process, posing for a picture with Putin – this in an addition to scaling the cage of a Bellator fight to confront and man handle a referee alongside dozens of rumours regarding further reckless and reputation-damaging behaviour.

“Oh sorry, you meant Khabib jumping out of the octagon and starting a fight. Right yeah, I’m not a fan of him either,” added the fan, happy to clarify his comments.

Elsewhere, the world record for world’s longest queue has been broken as people queue up to kick McGregor while he is down.