‘G-Spot Denial’ Scientists Criticised By Women


AN EVER growing collective of like-minded scientists are sharing their expertise and knowledge to warn the world of a dangerous conspiracy among the female population to falsely state the existence of the ‘G-Spot’, something women have denied.

Claiming ‘no evidence’ and a left-leaning liberal conspiracy, the all-male group of scientists have confirmed that if their exhaustive research over the last 30 years with their wives is anything to go by, their failure to find the G-spot can only lead them to conclude it is completely made up.

Despite what 97% of their peers say the scientists remain defiant.

“Our wives are in complete agreement, and they would say so if we let you ask them – but we haven’t been able to find this supposed ‘G-spot’, and in science you set out to find proof, and if a panel of 100 happily married male scientists who are virile and totally awesome at sex can’t find it, then it simply doesn’t exist,” explained lead researcher Dr. Franklin Dowd.

The scientists also warned of so-called ‘false flag’ operations which involve women waiting until their husbands come home to stage very vocal solo masturbation sessions to give the impression they are enjoying the orgasm of a lifetime.

The groundbreaking research has been criticised by women but welcomed by many men online, who have for years pushed against the theory of this entirely imaginary site of female orgasmic pleasure.

Asked if it could be argued the G-spot is just an extension of the clitoris, Dr. Dowd and his team gave a measured response born out of years of tireless research.

“Oh here they are again with this ‘clitoris’ bullshit. This is nonsense single women make up to tempt happily married women out of long term relationships,” explained Dr. Dowd, who still hasn’t gotten around signing divorce papers his wife served in earlier this year.