Is The Poo Emoji Pro Or Anti Racism? It Won’t Say & People Are Mad


SHOULD the poo emoji make its stance on racism clear? That’s the question people online are asking, but the poo emoji’s continued silence has angered many who think it’s more important than ever for people to stand up to oppression and hate even if they’re an inanimate graphic used frequently on mobile phones.

“Now’s not the time to hide, you’ve got the speak out on this. People respect you,” one Twitter user said, directly addressing the poo emoji’s continued silence on whether or not racism is a bad thing.

“Silence is as good as being complicit. I’ll never be using it again,” another Twitter user said as the backlash against the popular emoji continued.

The anger people feel at the poo emoji for not speaking on a number high profile news stories circulating in recent weeks could continue to grow if the emoji’s silence in maintained.

“So much of the conversation is happening online, and if you don’t have a major player in the emoji game like the poo emoji speaking up it’s certainly problematic,” confirmed one emoji expert WWN consulted.

While WWN is impartial and refuses to make a judgement, we are happy to present our readers with something that isn’t worth wasting your energy on but packaging it in such a way that it really plays your emotions like a violin, getting it to sing an angry and outraged tune.

Having said that, what do you think? Should the poo emoji speak up and call out racism?