Stunning Research Shows Both Cyclists & Motorists Can Be Pricks


THE neverending war between motorists and cyclists has been dealt a fresh blow, after research shows that while cyclists view some motorists as pricks, and motorists view some cyclists as pricks also, there is evidence to back up both claims.

A series of incidents recalled by cyclists and motorists suggests that while large numbers of them are perfectly fine, there are small numbers from both camps who are ‘irredeemable pricks with no respect for the rules of the road’.

“This research is the first of its kind, and could revolutionise the way we view road users. Who knew that both cyclists and motorists had the ability to be irresponsible pricks on the road?” explained lead researcher Prof Henry Egleton in a study people are calling the most important of its kind.

Cyclists regularly edged off the road by ignorant motorists who have no idea how close they came to killing someone will feel vindicated by the research while drivers who constantly go on about how cyclists break red lights will also feel justified in their anger.

“See, I fucking told you so,” cyclists and motorists said in unison while pointing the finger at each other.

Opening up about how they could even manage to collate such complex information, researchers explained the fascinating process.

“I just put my head outside my office for 2 minutes and looked out onto the street there where there’s a fair bit of traffic, and it turns out, everyone is a prick on the roads,” concluded Prof Egleton.

This new research will now be used by some motorists and cyclists who don’t want the roads to be safer but just to be able to give out nonstop without being corrected by someone.