Mother Looks Up From Phone To Find Children 5 Years Older


A WATERFORD MOTHER is said to be struggling to adjust to the fact that her children have aged by five years since the last time she made the effort to look up from her phone, WWN can reveal.

Fionnuala Goggings (31) discovered her children Abby and Riley had blossomed into extrovert and fun loving 6 and 9 year olds during the time she spent glued to her phone.

“I have vague recollections of telling the older one to put on the Frozen DVD for the younger one, but God, they grow up fast,” Goggings explained before rejecting the assertion that her children don’t merely look older, but are in fact five years older.

The passage of time clearly lost on Goggings, saw the mother of two choose to spend much of her time scrolling through her phone, observing other people she knows live out their own lives in a series of social media postings.

“God, you’re making it sound like I’m neglecting the kids, I wasn’t constantly on social media, I was on Youtube looking at videos, I’m not that bad, Jesus,” Goggings explained.

A growing number of parents have called for help from medical and scientific experts in a bid to understand why children seem to age rapidly in between the watching of just 4 or 5 Instagram stories.

“I’d never neglect my children in favour of my addiction of mindlessly gawking at social media for years at a time. So now that possibility has been debunked, we need experts to explain why Riley is 9,” Goggins concluded, speaking of her once 4-year-old daughter.