Local Woman Has The. Best. Friends. Ever.


ONE Waterford woman has made the claim that she has ‘The. Best. Friends. Ever.’ in a recent social media post celebrating the friendship she shares with five women she routinely bitches about to her boyfriend, WWN can reveal.

Catríona Levanne (30) made the declaration after an afternoon of fun filled frollicks with a group of ‘mad bitches altogether’ normally referred to a Ciara, Jane, Brona, Laura, Anna and Leanne.

“I have the BEST. FRIENDS. EVER.” read Catríona’s social media posts across several apps, with the Waterford City native seemingly using a little known method of making such a statement more cast iron and empathic by writing each words in capitals, peppered with full stops for good measure.

Experts in the field of friendships were quick to comment on Catríona’s claim, with some speculating on the veracity of her assertions.

“Is this the same Catríona who said Jane was lazy and that’s why she hasn’t lost the weight, or the same one who said Leanne is thick as shit?” queried one professor of friendshipology.

The joyous declaration, believed to be the first of its kind, stands up to clearly jealous questioning and thus enters the friend group into the history books as the unequivocal greatest friends of all time.

“Who are we to question whether they are in fact the best. Friends. Ever. I don’t see anyone else anywhere making such claims on social media,” remarked another expert, seemingly siding with Catríona, who has since admitted to having consumed a significant amount of Prosecco before making the claims which was accompanied by 47 group selfies.

No word yet from Catríona or her friends as to why Roisin wasn’t invited to the lunch which sparked the social media posts.